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It takes courage to stand up and say when something’s not right.

The people of New York are at a crossroads. One road leads to more of the same – the same gamesmanship and lack of transparency that hurts New Yorkers every day. The other puts us back on track to better schools, better housing and real job opportunities; where working families have a higher quality of life, small business owners can get ahead and economic and social justice are more than just tweets and buzz words.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I’m standing at the crossroads with you – and I say it’s time for us to stand up.


It takes courage to be first.

I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for my family. My father was the first African-American elected to city council in Poughkeepsie, my mother the first African-American teacher and principal for Poughkeepsie public schools.

They taught me about service, leadership, hard work and true strength, lessons that guided me up the corporate ladder, through tough campaigns and over the roadblocks set up to see us fail. I became the first female manager at Seagram’s, and experienced many firsts in a male-dominated industry.

A lot of New Yorkers are the first as well – the first in their families to come to America, the first to go to college. Maybe they’ve bought their first home or had their first grandchild, but all they see in Albany is politics as usual.

It takes courage to try again.

I’ve spent decades fighting for New York, including previous campaigns for public office. I may not have won every race, but I rang the bell for causes we cared about as a community. I took on one of the biggest politicians in our state because I saw income inequality going up and the state of education going down. I saw a widening achievement gap and a narrowing American Dream. The status quo wasn’t cutting it.

Time and time again, I’ve had to prove myself to bosses, colleagues, and opponents. Now they know me. They’ll tell you I’m a straight-shooter. They’ll say I don’t shrink from a challenge. 

My sleeves are always rolled up, ready to fight for things like affordable housing, safe and healthy communities and, most importantly, our kids.


It takes courage to make a change.

Through every phase of my career, I’ve learned how to listen, make alliances, thrive under pressure and create opportunities. It’s been hard at times, but nothing worth having comes easy. A brighter future for New York will take fearless innovation and a willingness to reach across party lines for positive solutions.

It’s going to take someone different, and that’s who I am. As State Senator for District 30, I’ll be your biggest champion and your best ally in creating a brighter future for New York.


The time is now, and the decision is yours.

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